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Intruder Shop, founded on May 1, 1994, began as a supplier of police equipment before focusing on Airsoft products. In 1997, it expanded to the international market with the "Guarder" brand, gaining a solid reputation in Asia. The shop actively participates in Airsoft exhibitions, values customer feedback, and maintains rigorous quality control to offer high-quality products. Intruder Shop is committed to providing professional support and maintaining honest relationships, while continuing to serve consumers and international retailers with fair prices.

Established on May 1, 1994, "Intruder Shop" began as a supplier of police equipment for the local market before quickly shifting to Airsoft products for a growing local community.

In 1997, the shop began expanding to meet international market needs, offering competitive products under the "Guarder" brand and building a strong reputation in Asia.

The initial success allowed Intruder Shop to actively participate in major Airsoft exhibitions in Asia, closely monitoring market changes. Remaining loyal to the Airsoft community, the shop values customer feedback to adapt its products.

Intruder Shop maintains rigorous quality control to provide high-quality products, made by Airsoft players for Airsoft players. Dedicated to providing professional support, the shop has built a reputation through honest and fair relationships in the industry.

Intruder Shop will continue to offer excellent quality control at fair prices to better serve consumers and international retailers.

Intruder Shop, Marketing Manager.

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