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Review By Emmanuel Perez,
Emmanuel  Perez
Wow, première commande, une grosse commande de rations militaires. seulement 3 jours après ma comm ...
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Review By Stephane Bracke,
Stephane Bracke
Je recommande à 100% livraison rapide et colis hyper bien emballé rien service au top
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Review By Attila Csirinyi,
Attila Csirinyi
Rendeltem egy Tokyo Marui Assault Rifle 416 Delta Custom Next Gen AEG Dark earth puskát -hibát ...
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Accessories There are no products in this category.

If you want magazines for your airsoft gun, a red dot, a new stock, a silencer or if you search for grenades and smokes, it's the right place !


  • Magazine

    Whether you're a real-life player or a Sunday brushcutter, here you'll find magazine of all abilities and all models of airsoft replicas. LowCap, MidCap or HiCap, whether for your AEG, GBB, sniper, shotgun or your favorite GBBR, you just have to choose your magazine and you'll be ready for some crazy games

  • Flashlights & Laser

    Nothing beats a good tactical flashlight when storming a building or a dark place. Some flashlight will only have the function of bringing you light where there is none, others may have a stroboscopic effect to disturb your opponents, others will work with infrared filters so as not to be betrayed by its halo while ensuring a lighting allowing you to move.

  • Scopes & Red dot

    The sighting device you choose for your replica airsoft is a difficult choice for some. Some prefer a red dot for a shoulder and a quick aim, others a simple sighting sight not to weigh down their reply; still others will prefer a rifle scope for a "Scout" style and a game based on sniper. Maybe you want a simple laser for your fist? Whether you are one or the other, this category is for you.

  • Silencers, flash hider...

    Whether you're in the quest for absolute stealth with a silencer, looking for the Flash hider that will give this new look to your replica or a tracer to better align an opponent in the night, there will be for all tastes in this category because each player has his own criteria and his own tastes.

  • Bipods

    The bipod is an essential element for any long replica or replica of self-respecting support.

    Whether to lighten weight or provide stability, your shots will be more accurate.

    You can even find grips with built-in bipods to give you more multipurpose.

  • Stocks

    A good buttstock will ensure a good maintenance of your replica for a precise shot and you will spare muscle fatigue too fast.

    Nothing beats a well-fitting replica against the shoulder and firm support at the right height of your cheek.

    You will have the choice in many sticks each ensuring a specific function, whether for weight gain, good support or just a devastating look.

  • Conversion kit

    Conversion kit

  • Grenades, mines & bombs

    Take out several opponents with a majestic grenade throw, it's priceless.

    Throwing smoke into a room or a fairway just before going on the assault, it's an absolute happiness.

    Have your fingers shaking when you try to defuse a bomb and there are only 10 seconds left, as in movies.

    It's an experience not to miss in order to have explosive games!

  • Game accessories

    Whether you are an airsoft organizer or a airsoft player, it's important to be able to know the power of a replica to stay in the rules; you need a chronograph ("chrony"), we have selected the most reliable for you.

    You may also like to eat easily at noon or during weekends; for this we offer the fighting rations of the French army that cover a full and hot meal. Or maybe you're just looking for a training knife to surprise your opponents in hand-to-hand combat, signage strips, a badge to complete your policeman's outfit, a target to train, ...

  • Grips & Handguard

    Choosing a handle grip, pistol grip for your replica is not an innocuous act that deserves no thought.

    Whether you are rather a angle grip or vertical grip, follower of a pistol grip for your big hands or the most aesthetic to put the eye full, or just looking for the handguard of your dreams, this category should make you happy.

  • Mount & Rings

    Each accessory of your replica must be attached to your rail in the right place, in the right way and be intended for this accessory.

    The choice is wide between the different rings, lamp holders, cantilever and others, not to mention the different diameter.

    We offer you an extensive catalog of elements for rails to find your happiness.

  • RIS , RAS and Rail Cover

    If you need to equip your airsoft replica with a sighting device, a lamp, an AN-PEQ case or any other accessory, you will first have to put a rail on your replica to welcome all this.

    You will find discreet or that will recover almost all your replica, it is your choice.

    And not to hurt your fingers, or simply for aesthetics, you will also need rail cover.

  • Outer barrels

    Want to lengthen your existing outer barrel?

    To put a more beautiful one?

    To offer this little aesthetic touch to your replica fist?

    An external barrel is the element to customize according to your desires.

    From the most beautiful to the longest, from the biggest to the shortest ... You'll have plenty of time to make your replica unique!