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H&N Sport industrial lead manufacturer of lead shot and multi-caliber sports lead.

H&N Sport manufacturers since the 1830s. In the beginning it was an industrial manufacture of rolled lead and lead foil.

Much of their lead has been used to unhook cans of tobacco and tea.

In 1847 Georg August Natermann bought the old fortification tower from Hann.

Münden and begins with the production of lead ash.

Until the 1980s, shot was produced there under the name "Lätare". Very early on, not only lead seals and lead pellets were manufactured, but also projectiles in the most diverse calibers for shooting rifles. competition from the past.

In addition to projectiles for black powder weapons and large caliber weapons, H&N has been manufacturing air rifle pellets in the most diverse calibers and for the most diverse fields of application since the 1950s.

Production takes place exclusively on machines that have been built by us.

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