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Review By Julien Serrano,
Julien Serrano
Merci pour les renseignements et le temps que vous m'avez accordé !! Envoie très rapide et aucun i ...
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Review By Thijs,
Great shop!! Good communication and fast shipping to the NL.
Review By Tao,
Superbe équipe au petit soins ! Bon suivi ! Bonne réactivité ! Livraison rapide même dans les DO ...

List of products by manufacturer Lambda

Precision manufacturer in barrel and spare part upgrade for sniper

Lambda was founded by a former manager of the PDI brand.

They are based in Osaka, Japan, their goal is to manufacture high-end parts at more affordable prices.

Having gained experience during the few years at PDI, he managed to create innovative products and these years allow it to correct small defects on PDI products.

Certainly a brand that will be heard a lot in the future.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items

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